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Understanding Wills, Trusts and Missouri Probate Procedures

For dependable advice about estate planning and estate administration in St. Charles County and metropolitan St. Louis, contact an attorney at The Bellon Law Group for a consultation. Our estate planning and probate practice tailors practical solutions to meet a wide range of individual and family needs.

Dependable Estate Planning Advice in St. Charles, St. Louis, Lincoln and Warren County

Any well-rounded estate plan will have two parts. In the first part, we help clients effectively manage their assets during their lifetime while planning for critical health care decisions or periods of incapacity. We can show you how living trusts, special needs trusts, powers of attorney and advance directives can protect your financial security during both normal times and periods of emergency.

The second part of your estate plan will mainly involve your last will and testament. This important estate planning tool specifies the distribution of your assets after death while providing for the care of minor children in the event of a fatal accident or illness. Our St. Charles estate planning lawyers can show you how both parts of your estate plan can work together to cover current and future contingencies and objectives.

Prompt and Cost-Effective Estate Administration Counsel

As well as helping families understand the essential components of an effective estate plan, we also work with executors and administrators on all aspects of probate and estate administration after death. Our experience can help you avoid the mistakes and delays that can result in needless expense, avoidable family disputes or even the risk of liability for the person responsible for administering the estate.

For more information about the scope of our estate planning and probate practice, contact The Bellon Law Group in St. Charles for a consultation.

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